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Step Up Challenge – The Winners Announced

In January we launched our first Spectrum value staff challenge, ‘Step Up’. Teams from across our three offices competed to total as many steps as possible to be crowned winners of this challenge, in a bid to encourage each other to continually be the very best versions of ourselves. The aim of the challenge was to take at least 10,000+ steps per day for the whole month, and our three teams, ‘Pimp My Stride’, ‘Hell’s Belles’, and ‘Top Cat’, exceeded this target with flying colours!


The winning results are now in….


The steps results

  1. First Place – Pimp My Stride: 1,536,105 total steps
  2. Second Place – Hell’s Belles: 1,449,350 total steps
  3. Third Place – Top Cat:  1,243,780 total steps

Top walkers in each team

  • Pimp My Stride –  Jill – 416,588 steps
  • Hell’s Belles – Ally – 342,378 steps
  • Top Cat – Sheena –  315,416 steps

Managing Director, Sara Speirs, has also kindly donated £100 to the winning team’s charity of choice. Team ‘Pimp My Stride’ chose to donate the funds to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital. You can find out about their amazing work here.

Here’s a few of the sights and activities the teams got involved in whilst totalling their steps over the last month…

Taking in some beautiful Scottish scenery in Oban

Inflating the steps total at Inflata Nation Glasgow

Getting the steps in on the tropical sand beaches of Aberdeen

Even the dogs got involved in Aberdeen too!


A massive well done to everyone who participated in the challenge. You have earned a well-deserved rest before our next staff initiative kicks off in March. This will focus on sustainability in our workplace, another of our core values.



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