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Spectrum Step Up for 2019

Team Spectrum are kicking off 2019 with the ‘Spectrum Step Up’ challenge. From 9th January to 6th February, teams from Spectrum’s offices will compete to total as many steps as possible on their pedometers.

We’re keen to continually push each other to be the very best versions of themselves. Increasing our activity will not only help to improve general fitness, but it has also been proven to increase mental alertness, strengthen lungs, boost heart health and improve energy levels and mood!

The aim of this challenge is to take at least 10,000+ steps every day for the whole month and get fit with every stride. Plus, there’s a prize for the winning team!

Each month, we focus on a different Spectrum value – this month we focus on CHALLENGE. We CHALLENGE each other to be the very best, striving to improve ourselves and our colleagues!

Meet our team captains, who will be motivating their teams to victory!



It may be harder than it sounds, but we are up for the challenge! Stay tuned to find out how our teams get on.



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