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It’s no walk in the park, there’s more to it than meets the eye

Last year we published a blog about the work we do at the Hillington Park Innovation Centre which highlighted the way the building is used and the demands created by a building occupied by a wide variety of tenants, imagine then the demands of looking after a whole business park! In fact, the business park in question is where the Innovation Centre is located – Hillington Business Park.

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Spectrum Service Solutions has been providing a wide range of services at this 2 million sq ft business park for almost 7 Years. Home to more than 500 businesses, workplace for over 8000 employees, and one of the biggest business parks in Scotland, you can imagine the daily demands of keeping the estate clean, tidy and presentable for the thousands of people who work there or visit it every day.

Hillington Plan

There’s much more to this contract than people may imagine; it’s not just external work we do, we provide internal cleaning for many of the multi-tenanted buildings managed by CBRE, and many others where work directly with the tenants.  This includes, office, warehouse, and industrial spaces, toilets, kitchens, and sanitation of vending machines.  It also includes the provision and installation of hygiene services, air fresheners, seat sanitisers, disposal bins, and internal & external waste management bins for all waste streams. In fact, we provide a very wide range of consumables to tenants throughout the business park.

Moreover, it’s not just the provision of the bins, we also provide the waste management service for all waste streams, programmed and reactive, including WEEE designated waste.  Add to this, window cleaning, internal & external landscaping, ground maintenance, repairs to yards & pathways, gritting & snow clearance, and car park & road sweeping and you can start to get a picture of the scale of the contract.

Merlin House

However, it doesn’t stop there, everything we’ve mentioned so far is part of a scheduled programme of works, there’s just as many additional services provided as and when they are required. This may include; deep cleaning works on fabrics, finishes, fixture & fittings, carpets, and other floor finishes. It also includes internal and external high level cleaning, façade cleaning, and window blind maintenance. Of course, with so many people working in the business park there are many kitchens, all of which require periodic deep cleaning and maintenance of extraction systems, we provide all of this too.

Some time ago, the client was kind enough to talk about what we do at Hillington, and the manner in which we do it, you can see the short video below.  Perhaps the kindest comment is the recognition of what we try to achieve when Alison says, “Spectrum is a customer service organisation that happens to clean”, this is what we strive for with every contract, no matter what the size and it’s really appreciated when the clients notice how often we exceed their expectations.

Backing up what Alison said, we recently received a letter from Claire McCluskey, Facilities Manager, CBRE Management Service in which she said, “…I have worked closely with Spectrum for several years now and have always found them to be a highly reliable company with excellent standards.  Their staff are friendly and professional and are popular amongst staff, tenants and also our clients.”

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