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When flexibility is not just an added benefit, it’s a critical ingredient…

There are certain things we all take for granted, but one of our recent contract wins has reminded us of the care and attention applied ever day to a service that exists for all of us, even though we hope we never need to use it, it is of course the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Won via Government tender, Spectrum has just been awarded the cleaning contract for 7 Scottish Ambulance Service locations throughout East Lothian, including the main Edinburgh City station at South Gyle.

The contract is to provide daily cleaning services in all locations and all Spectrum staff working on the contract are fully trained in infection control to NCSS standards.  Cleaning the 7 ambulance stations is a big responsibility, however the contract also includes daily ambulance cleaning where we need to apply the most rigorous standards each and every time.

Our guess is that most people have never even thought about the need to clean an ambulance on a daily basis, far less to such exacting standards.  As you can imagine, the time that an ambulance is ‘out of service’ is critical, so we have an hour allocated for each vehicle, but during this hour we need to carry out a thorough deep clean.  This means the removal and cleaning of all equipment, deep cleaning the inside of the ambulance and replace the equipment ready for use.

Off course, planning and experience should streamline this kind of operation, but as you can appreciate, the ambulances don’t come and go to a set schedule, so our cleaning personnel provide a reactive response so that they are ready to perform the operation when it suits the Scottish Ambulance Service to take a vehicle out of service.

We are delighted to be working with such dedicated professionals and to be playing a part in a critical service.  We truly believe in the benefits of teamwork and we take pride in the tailored approach we take to every cleaning contract, it’s very much part of the added value we strive to achieve at Spectrum, but in the case this contract, our flexible approach to client’s needs is an essential ingredient in providing a first-class service.


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