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The countdown is on for Zero Waste Scotland

The Scottish Government has revealed plans to cut waste in Scotland by up to 15% by 2015. It has been said that this target could be reached by working with businesses to create a culture of resource efficiency through education, awareness campaigns and supporting businesses which reuse, recycle and re-manufacture goods.

Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead has said: “If everyone in the world used the same amount of resources as an average European we would need three planets to sustain us.”

Following this, he also said: “The Scottish Government is committed to creating a more productive and circular economy and reduce our dependency on raw materials. We are embarking on the next steps towards being a zero-waste nation.

“Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources is an important step but it’s success will depend on how businesses and individuals respond to the challenges we face and the opportunities we want to create. In launching this new programme, we want to galvanise people behind our zero-waste vision and to work with us to make it a reality.”

What does Zero Waste mean for you?

With only 55 days to go until the law changes, we take a look at what Zero Waste means for you.

If you run a business in Scotland, you are already legally responsible for safely disposing of any waste your business produces, however did you know that from 1st January 2014, the law will require your business to take all reasonable steps to recycle as much of that waste as possible?

How Can Spectrum Service Solutions Help?

Although many businesses have shown considerable progress, there are many who are worried they will not be compliant when the regulations come into force in January 2014.

If you are uncertain how to address the new requirements, Spectrum Service Solutions can help you make the transition to these new ways of working.

Our experienced team will carry out a free survey and consultation, advise you on the best way forward to help you meet the regulations in time, and assist you in becoming even more compliant, profitable and sustainable in the future.

For a free survey and consultation, or to find out more about the new Zero Waste Regulations, call 0141 887 5000 or email us at:

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For more information about the Scottish Government’s plan to cut waste, please take a look at the following article HERE.


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