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Supporting local communities is a core principle at Spectrum

Spectrum Service Solutions work throughout the UK; in Scotland, we permanently work in many towns and cities, providing facilities management services to a wide range of commercial, manufacturing, and professional businesses. And through our highly active Events Division, we provide our services for permanent and temporary mass-audience events throughout the UK.

One of the core principles that we adopt wherever we work is to support the local community whenever we can. For example, when working in Kent at The Open Championship in 2021, we employed and trained local staff, many of whom have since joined us for other events in the UK. If we can, we will introduce people to the world of FM and provide opportunities for them to learn and progress in what we believe is a great career path.

In areas where we operate permanently, we adopt the same principle, employing local staff who live near their workplace and are looking for flexibility. They earn and spend locally; therefore, they contribute to the local economy.

However, with the central locations, we also explore how we can positively impact the community beyond creating jobs and career opportunities. So we are delighted to announce an initiative in Dundee where we will be actively supporting Dundee Bairns, a charitable organisation providing a vital service in the community.

It is a harrowing fact that many low-income families struggle to provide meals during school holidays and other basics for their children, such as clothing. Such hardship is especially prevalent in Dundee City, where over 1/3 of children live in poverty. Dundee Bairns supports community projects in areas of high multiple deprivations to target the most vulnerable children.

Their primary cause is to challenge food inequality for children and provide nutritious meals and other basic needs, thus reducing pressure on parents and helping to boost community cohesion.

We work with many companies in the Dundee area; therefore, it is incumbent on us to do what we can to support what we believe is a very worthy cause. We thank Dundee Bairns for all of the invaluable work they do, and we look forward to helping your efforts in the future. 

If you’d like to find out more about Dundee Bairns and the worthwhile contribution they make in Dundee, you can visit their website here


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