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Supporting employees and their families is part of life

Spectrum Service Solutions is a people business; we rely heavily on the excellent quality of staff we have at all levels to deliver the services we do for a vast array of clients daily. So, it’s natural that we want to look after our people and provide them with the tools to enable them to flourish. But, it’s not just about the equipment we provide, it’s also about the support we offer to all staff.

Workplace stress is becoming a significant health and safety concern for employees and employers alike. The profile of stress in the media has led to increased awareness of the adverse effects that stress can cause, and the number of workplace stress issues is rising. Regardless of our approach to our people, under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, companies have a duty to take measures to control that risk. That’s why we’ve launched is our Employee Assistance Programme or EAP, a proactive, behavioural risk management tool for Spectrum employees. It provides employees with easy access to a wide variety of mental health and practical services to help them through a range of personal or work-related issues while equipping them with the tools they need to protect and manage their mental health. can also support our people through any personal issues and help with any issues they may face as part of their role. The EAP also offers help and guidance to all our people, no matter their role, as well as their families. provides access to a fully qualified team of counsellors and experts who are highly experienced in personal and work-related issues and can support anyone experiencing issues including:

  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Addictions
  • Relationship and marital problems
  • Work stress and work-life balance issues
  • Life transitions such as career
  • progression
  • Financial concerns
  • Queries around a legal matter.

Access is free to all employees, but even better, it is also available to their partners and any dependents over the age of 16 still living at home. Employees can access via a free phone service or our online portal; either way, they will have access to the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As you would expect, the interactions between employees and counsellors are entirely confidential. Details of consultations are stored securely, and it is only ever shared when necessary with qualified and accredited professionals, and the employee will always be made aware of this beforehand.

At Spectrum, we appreciate our duty of care; but more than this, we care about our people, and we know they will do their best for us if we do our best for them. Providing the service is one way to support all employees with access to a confidential service that will offer practical help on the issues they are often hesitant to share with others.


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