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Spectrum go wild in support of Clan’s Summer fundraiser

Spectrum is delighted to support The Big Hop Trail, a public art event across the North East, Orkney and Shetland from July to September 2023.

Forty hare sculptures have been designed and created by some of the country’s most talented artists for a world-class, free art trail across communities where Clan Cancer Support has a presence. We are pleased to announce that our hare has been designed and will soon be displayed at Duthie Park.

Spectrum was delighted to sponsor a hare named ‘Hop to the Wild Side’ and was designed by artist David Macguire. David describes his creation: “This hare wants to unleash his wild side! With his rainbow palette and animal print pattern, he’s big. bold and ready to dazzle, Hop to the Wild Side likes to stand tall, stand out and be an ally for all who dare to be different. His bright, modern take on a classic pattern will ensure he holds his own on an epic art adventure on the streets of the north-east of Scotland and its islands.” 

Originally working predominantly with glass and ceramics, David has worked in the learning departments of visitor centres, museums and contemporary art galleries across the northeast

of England.

The trail coincides with Clan’s 40th anniversary, with the 40 hares being the focal point to celebrate the charity’s commitment to supporting people affected by cancer. The event’s hare sculpture was chosen because it is an indigenous animal in all parts of Clan’s geography. Like those going through a cancer journey, hares must navigate rough and challenging terrain to survive. They also have incredible hearing, symbolising Clan’s lifeline listening and support service and the importance of being heard.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Sectrum’s Managing Director, Sara Speirs, said: “We are delighted to sponsor one of the hares. We have been long-time supporters of Clan and have total respect for the fantastic work they do in the community daily. David Maguire has created an excellent design, and we encourage everyone to go to Duthie Park and see it for themselves. Indeed, we think all of the designs are superb and make a fantastic exhibition across the North East that helps to highlight Clan and the valuable work they do in the community.” 

At the end of the trail, the hares will be auctioned off to raise significant funds for Clan to help the charity reach and support more people affected by a cancer diagnosis.

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Below is the plaque you will see on our hare at Duthie Park; please let us know what your think about David’s design.


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