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Proud to be an FM company on World FM Day

Here at Spectrum Service Solutions, we are delighted to support World FM Day. As a facilities management solutions provider, we are happy to align with anything that promotes FM’s important role daily in everyone’s lives.

Facilities management does as it says on the tin; we manage facilities for our clients. In Spectrum’s case, we primarily provide Soft FM solutions for a broad range of clients from almost every industry sector. So, we provide cleaning, janitorial, renewables, front-of-house, ground-maintenance and specialist cleaning services that ensure our clients offer healthy and safe working environments for their staff.

FM is also playing a vital role in assisting businesses of all sizes to achieve their Net Zero ambitions. Buildings contribute enormously to carbon emissions, so it’s not surprising how much focus is placed on the built environment when any business begins its journey to Net-Zero. In fact, in most cases, the buildings are the most significant source of emissions and, therefore, the starting point simply because changes here will make the most significant positive impact.

As an FM company in the commercial sector, we are naturally involved in assisting the move towards Net-Zero. Many may believe that achieving Net-Zero in buildings is about the design and efficiency of the building; they’re not wrong, but there’s much more to it than just the building. How the facility operates daily is as much part of the carbon-neutral challenge.

We recently wrote about the move towards chemical-free cleaning, and if that’s not always possible, how we can offer better solutions that minimise the transportation and storage of chemicals. We use local staff to reduce travel distances to and from the workplace; we advise and assist with implementing waste management and creating proper waste streams. We actively source products and consumables that are recycled or recyclable.

Our highly experienced events team is also applying the same ethos to temporary buildings and facilities created for mass attendance events. In short, we appreciate the critical role we play as a responsible FM solutions provider, and we willingly share our knowledge, experience and expertise with our clients to help them achieve their environmental goals.

So, there’s much more to Soft FM than creating a clean and safe working environment. That’s what makes working in FM a credible career choice, especially at Spectrum. Whether your interest is in environmental issues, or customer care, whether you’re a football fan or a golf fanatic, or if you like concerts and festivals, Spectrum has something to offer.

We can accommodate if you want regular hours in a fixed location or need the flexibility to match your family commitments. If your skills are in leadership, operations, admin, sales, customer service, HR, payroll or marketing, we have a career path to suit.

World FM Day highlights the increasingly important role that Facilities Management plays in our lives. We are delighted to operate in an industry that is making a difference both to the health and safety of the people we serve and the planet’s well-being.


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