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Preparing for a Return to the Workplace

The Scottish Government has recently released its strategy outlining a phased approach to lifting the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. This route map provides guidance for the public around the return to normal operation of businesses, schools, shops and healthcare as well as general requirements for hygiene and viral protection as the country looks to transition out of the current lockdown.

You can read the Scottish Government’s guide in full here.

What this means for anyone looking to re-open their workplace is that preparations can begin in Phase 1 (set to begin on Thursday the 28th of May) for the various measures that will need to be in place. This is where Spectrum Service Solutions can help.

Re-opening Your Workplace

We have prepared a guide for businesses on the hygiene and cleaning preparations we can provide for the workplace.

There are a number of different ways in which we can help with the reopening of your site and ensure that sanitisation is completed before staff members return. This includes our recommendations for steps you can take to ensure safe working that follows physical distancing and encourages a hygienic workplace.

From deep cleaning and regular sanitation services to supply of PPE and hygiene products, Spectrum can assist you in both the preparation for your return to the workplace and implementation of measures that allow you to follow the Government’s phased approach effectively and efficiently.

To request a copy of this guide, please get in touch with us by contacting our Commercial Director at

Scotland’s Phased Approach to Lockdown

To summarise the key points from the Scottish Government’s route map regarding protections and hygiene:

  • Physical distancing is a requirement through each Phase, as well as face coverings in enclosed public spaces. This is to be reviewed following guidance during Phase 4.
  • Frequent handwashing is required in each Phase.
  • Cough etiquette (into a disposable handkerchief or avoiding hands and away from other people) is required in each Phase.

For businesses, the Government’s approach allows for the gradual re-opening of workplaces by industry/service. Remote working is considered the default position if possible, with the following changes to be implemented in each Phase:

  • Phase 1 – for businesses returning to work, staggered start times and flexible working are encouraged. Non-essential outdoor workplaces to resume depending on guidance. Construction has its own phased industry plan, to be followed at this time. Businesses still working remotely can begin prep work for physical distancing measures in their workplace.
  • Phase 2 – Non-office based non-essential workplaces to resume depending on guidance. Construction to continue phased re-opening.
  • Phase 3 – Non-essential indoor office workplaces to resume depending on guidance.
  • Phase 4 – All workplaces re-opened, with remote working still encouraged.

Click the image below to download.

If you require assistance with your return to the workplace to ensure that correct measures have been taken, Spectrum Service Solutions can help.

Be sure to request a copy of our guide by contacting our Commercial Director at or give us a call on 0141 887 5000 to discuss our services.



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