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It’s albatrosses, eagles and birdies for Spectrum staff this week…

If you have listened to successful people in business, you will no doubt have heard many of them say their success is down to their people.  Many employers will say this, however on many occasions we find this is little more than lip service.  At Spectrum Service Solutions, we believe we are only as good as our people, that’s why we invest in them with ongoing training and personal development programmes.

All of our staff receive extensive training specifically for their role. Furthermore, when it comes to events they are fully briefed before every event starts. We will be starting this event briefing at the Scottish Open at Gullane today ahead of what is promising to be a big tournament.

But, how do we manage to find and retain the best people, and how do we consistently get the best from them? Yes, training plays its part, but we also like to think we take care of our people, we provide the right tools to allow them to do their job, and we reward them fairly for their efforts.

Finally, we like to encourage their competitive nature by initiating incentive schemes for each event, and most of them rise to the challenge. This week, it’s about Albatrosses, Eagles and Birdies, every day there are awards for outstanding performance, and at the end of the week there’s overall awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  So, when you’re watching the world’s top golfers striving for the perfect round, our staff will also be trying to get their name on our scoreboard. Scottish Open Poster Final


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