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February Employee of the month – David Whalen- Lothian Buses Longstone (Edinburgh)

We are delighted to announce David Whalen is the Spectrum Employee of the Month for February.

David joined Spectrum on 17th August 2020 and quickly settled into his role at Longstone Bus Depot. Popular with all, David truly is a fantastic asset to our team. The striking thing about David is that he works with a constant smile on his face, and he’s always ready to tell you how much he enjoys working with Spectrum.

Regularly going above and beyond, he is popular with the client, drivers, and fellow team members. This is evident in the number of positive comments we receive from the client, who appreciates David’s contribution. Here are a couple of recent messages sent to us by Will at Lothian Buses:

“I know I’ve mentioned David in the past but just wanted to pass on some more praise.

“He’s been working on cleaning the seats in the canteen. It sounds like an easy task, but removing the old stickers has left the seats with quite a bit to clean off.

“He has been working his way around the canteen when he has time to do this task and the outcome is brilliant.”

 “Just wanted to pop an email over to say how impressed I have been with David; he really doesn’t stop, the quality is a high standard, and he’s genuinely nice to everyone.”

David is a genuine ambassador for the business, we are delighted to have him in our team, and we’re happy to name him employee of the Month for February. David, we appreciate your commitment and your hard work. Well done.


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