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Employee of the Month – April-September

Following on from our last Employee of the Month announcement in May, we have another six employees to announce for 2017 who we would like to recognise for their dedication and hard work and who have actively contributed to the growth of Spectrum. Without further ado, they are…

April – Debbie Powel

Debbie is just about to celebrate her one year anniversary with Spectrum, or should I say we are. Debbie became an integral part of our Edinburgh & East team when we took on the industrial site Wyman Gordon in Livingston in January 2017. We had a big challenge on our hands and conducted several deep cleans and intense training with the team to improve standards and make efficiencies where possible. Debbie has not only been recognised by Spectrum but also by our client at Wyman Gordon. Debbie’s commitment and assistance in driving change with the support of the Management Team have been second to none and that’s why we would like to recognise Debbie as Employee of the Month for April.

May – Jackie Millar

Jackie is one of two success stories we wish to share about Lothian Scottish Ambulance Stations which we were awarded in April 2017. Jackie is based at the Dalkeith station and is well loved by the team on site due to her commitment to both SAS and Spectrum. Jackie continuously delivers a high standard of work resulting in perfect 100% audits month on month and regularly goes over and above what is required not only at her own site but also assisting with additional works at other stations.

June – George Rankin

It is only fair that we thank George as one of our employees of the month considering the continuous praise and outstanding feedback we receive from one of our large Call Centre clients in Glasgow. George has been with Spectrum for just under two years and it is unfortunate that we are now saying goodbye to George as he moves on to a new role. George was an excellent Supervisor, always obliging and willing to help our client wherever possible, becoming a key team member in their facilities team.

July – Jim O’Donnell

For someone who has recently joined our business just under one year ago, Jim began to make a significant impact early on in his time with Spectrum. Based at a large chemical plant we provide services to in Dalry Jim was taken on for temporary work and is now an integral part of the 30+ team we have on site. Jim has been nominated for EOTM by Site Manager, Ally Love, for his continuous hard work and flexibility, often helping cover additional requirements at short notice and also by Head of Operations, Rebecca Speirs, for his commitment and enthusiasm while working at the European Tour Men’s and Ladies Scottish Open this summer.

August – Paul Campbell & Paul Johnstone

The tale of two Paul’s is our second success story from Lothian Scottish Ambulance Stations. Paul and Paul joined Spectrum in April of this year; it is apparent for many to see that both Paul’s take great pride in the work that they do, cleaning and sanitising the many ambulances at the busy Edinburgh City ambulance station. Paul and Paul have both shown their commitment and loyalty to Spectrum by continuously achieving high standards in the ambulances and regularly remaining flexible and assisting where possible. Paul Campbell has also been recognised for being an outstanding addition to our Event Team in Edinburgh while working at Tynecastle Stadium, helping us to ensure the venue is game-ready and in pristine condition for fans to enjoy the recently refurbished grounds.

September – Kate McGinlay

Kate is someone who we know for always having a smile on her face and we are lucky to have Kate working with us at our Head Office as well as for another of our long term customers in Glasgow. Kate is always very obliging, often helping cover holidays in Glasgow and Renfrewshire area, consistently allowing us to achieve high standards and deliver an outstanding service to our customers wherever she works.


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