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Does clinical cleaning need to become an integral part of the process?

Clinical cleaning is new to most businesses, but it’s something you should be considering, and it should become part of your processes in the future.

This cleaning level is not new to Spectrum; we’ve provided clinical cleaning services to clients for many years.  We work extensively in the food and drink sector, and we operate at industrial sites with testing and research laboratories.  All of these contracts require meticulous levels of cleaning daily.  Moreover, the contracts we have with the Scottish Ambulance Service in Ayrshire and East Lothian are good examples of the type of service many more businesses will need to consider in the future.

The contract provides daily cleaning services in all locations, and all Spectrum staff working on the contract are fully trained in infection control to NCSS standards. Cleaning the ambulance stations and the ambulances is a big responsibility, and the most rigorous standards need to be applied every time.

It’s not just the cleaning level that needs to be considered; it also needs to become part of your operational procedures.  Traditionally, cleaning is performed when the workplace is empty, but this may need to change.  Many businesses will need to operate additional shifts to achieve production levels while accommodating new social distancing requirements.  So, not only will there be less workspace downtime, but there may also be a requirement to clean between shifts.

Also, you may want a greater degree of visibility of the cleaning service in the future.  Seeing the cleaning operation may provide much-needed comfort to staff who need reassurance that the working environment is safe.

In the future, cleaning operations need to be factored into your daily process.  Once again, the Scottish Ambulance Service operation provides useful parallels.  Every ambulance needs to be cleaned thoroughly.  Clearly, the time an ambulance is ‘out of service’ is critical; so the cleaning regime must be as streamlined as possible, whilst reducing the time the vehicle is unavailable.  We need to carry out a thorough deep clean which means removing and cleaning all equipment, deep cleaning the inside of the ambulance, and replacing the equipment ready for use.

As you can appreciate, the ambulances don’t come and go to a set schedule, so our cleaning personnel provide a reactive response so that they are ready to operate when it suits the Scottish Ambulance Service to take a vehicle out of service.

This flexible and collaborative approach is what you may need from your cleaning provider in the future.  Spectrum work with clients to provide the level of service they require when they need it.  We appreciate the changing demands in the workplace, and we are working closely with our clients to ensure that cleaning is an integral part of their process.

We take pride in the tailored approach we adopt with every cleaning contract; it’s very much part of the added value we strive to achieve at Spectrum. We know that agility and flexibility is an essential ingredient in providing a first-class service with every contract.


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