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Detergents, Dusters and Digital Devices… all in a day’s work

You could be forgiven for thinking that not much changes in the day-to-day provision of commercial cleaning and facilities management services.  Why would it?  It’s always been about cleaning workplaces and preparing them for the workforce arriving the next day; it’s relatively simple and straight forward.

However, a great deal has changed since Spectrum started trading in 2003.  Workforce needs and the development of the workspace has driven many of these changes; nowadays, employers are much more focussed on staff well-being, and rightly so.  Daily, we hear about work-related stress and the critical issue of mental health.

So, in the last 17 years, we’ve witnessed changes in the work environment where organisations are responding to the challenges of staff welfare by focussing more on the provision of facilities that encourage their personnel to take meaningful time out and recharge their batteries during the working day.  Chill-out areas, quiet rooms and gyms have replaced the smoking room.  Better equipped staff rooms provide workers with the opportunity to take proper breaks and eat healthier food.

In larger organisations, we’ve seen the staff canteen replaced with well-designed food preparation and service areas, with food choices that rival many commercial catering operations.  We see gymnasiums with equipment comparable to that which you’d get with private membership.  All-in-all, workplaces are generally better and continue to improve.  Therefore, we are experiencing a broader range of facilities to be maintained over and above the traditional workspaces.

One of the most significant changes in recent years is not to do with the working environment, but rather the global environment.  Now, much greater attention is being paid to waste management.  Waste streams are important, and the ability to optimise recycling opportunities is paramount.  We have been very active in introducing best practice waste management processes to many organisations so that they can ensure they are following proper and responsible procedures.

Cleaning products and the provision of consumables has also changed where much more consideration is given to ethically produced, environmentally friendly, and recyclable materials.

Finally, technology is playing a part in the delivery and reporting of our services.  Operatives now use smart devices and tablets to record their time and to report maintenance issues back to head office.  Full details, including photographic information, highlighting potential issues is shared quickly and with clients and decision-makers, making the repair and maintenance process much more efficient.

So, while cleaning and facilities management services are still our core provision, you can see how things have changed and will continue to change in the future.  We are proud of our ability to identify the current needs of our clients and the impact trending attitudes have on the services and materials we provide.  We do this by regular communication and listening to what is important, you and your people.  We will continue to do this and to be early adopters when we believe there is an opportunity to improve efficiency and provide value to the client.


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