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Coronavirus: Helping our clients during challenging times.

As you might expect with a Soft FM provider, we have recently been answering lots of questions concerning the Coronavirus issue. Understandably, we have received many requests for additional hand sanitiser products, and we will endeavour to provide clients with these products whenever it is possible.

Unfortunately, due to the exceptionally high global demand, there is currently a minimum three week wait period for these products. However, other products such as sanitising wipes may be available quicker, but these too are in limited supply. We will do whatever we can to provide the materials you require as quickly as possible.

Meantime, there are additional services we can provide, particularly in busy footfall and high-risk areas. These may include toilets, push plates, shared desks, door handles, handrails etc. Wherever you believe there may be vulnerable areas, we are happy to provide extra services while the spread of Coronavirus continues to be a risk to health. Please feel free to speak to us about your specific concerns, and we will be happy to offer possible solutions and additional services.

Our general advice is to follow government guidelines. We are monitoring the information that is being shared, and we will notify you if there is any change to the official advice being offered by the government. We are also issuing more specific advice directly to our customers through and updated business continuity plan. For now, the main advice is regular and thorough hand washing. While hand sanitiser may be in short supply, soap and water can be equally effective if done correctly. Below, we have shared an extract from an NHS document entitled, “Hand Hygiene: Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway”. It may be useful to share this with your personnel, so we have also included a link to a PDF version which will enable you to download it for digital sharing or prominent display.

We hope that you have found this post useful and we encourage you to speak to us if you have concerns about any area of your building/s, we will do what we can to reassure you by providing the best possible solution.



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