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Clean ‘in’ the Park

The sun is set to shine for the lucky festival goers at T in the Park this weekend!

As much as we love music and soaking up the atmosphere at festivals, we cannot help but think of all the rubbish which will be left behind at T.

With over 85, 000 fans flocking through the gates over the weekend – just think of the amount of plastic cups and tents that will be left behind.

There’s been some great initiatives set up to cut down on waste at music festivals. For example – at this years Glastonbury, Latitude and Wychwood festivals, tents were collected, cleaned and completely transformed into sustainable wrapping paper – clever recycling!

What a great idea to not only cut down on waste, but to also reuse dis guarded tents which would otherwise have gone into a landfill site.

Do you know about Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a main focus for Spectrum and the whole of Scotland. Below is a little more information about zero waste and what it means for businesses in Scotland.

If you run a business in Scotland, you are already legally responsible for safely disposing of any waste your business produces, however did you know that from 1st January 2014, the law will require your business to take all reasonable steps to recycle as much of that waste as possible?

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 were passed by the Scottish Parliament on 9th May 2012, and they aim to help Scotland become one of the most resource efficient nations in Europe.

The regulations make the following provisions which you can read more about by clicking HERE.

Zero Waste

So how can Spectrum help?

Although many businesses have shown considerable progress, there are many who are worried they will not be compliant when the regulations come into force in January 2014.

If you are uncertain how to address the new requirements, Spectrum Service Solutions can help you make the transition to these new ways of working.

Our experienced team will carry out a free survey and consultation, advise you on the best way forward to help you meet the regulations in time, and assist you in becoming even more compliant, profitable and sustainable in the future.

Are you going to T in the Park this weekend and if so what will you be doing to cut down on your rubbish? Let us know by leaving us a comment in the box below or on our Facebook or Twitter.


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