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A Clean Kitchen Is A Safe Kitchen

Most of us have seen the Gordon Ramsay shows where he goes into restaurants and tries to turn them around by making them profitable again.

In most cases part of this process touches on not only the food coming from the kitchen but the kitchen itself. It’s usually not pretty.

In the past the TV show has shown some pretty disgusting kitchens. They’ve been dirty, unsafe, and unfit to prepare food in. In fact a dirty kitchen isn’t just a breeding ground for an array of dangerous bacteria but it can also be perilous for those working there.

A mistake many of those working in the catering industry make is to just clean work surfaces and appliances. Kitchens actually need specialist cleaning which requires specialist equipment and personnel. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

When cleaning a commercial kitchen everything is stripped back and moved to ensure all carbon removed and every inch of the floor is spotless.

But one of the biggest hazards in a commercial kitchen is the ventilation system. Without proper, regular attention this can suffer from a buildup of fat, grease and other stubborn materials which are in fact highly flammable.

Actually, in most cases, fires in commercial kitchens are largely down to dirty, clogged up ventilation systems. This is why it’s important to regularly deep clean your kitchen as it it’ll not only eliminate any bacteria, but ensure a safe working environment for staff.

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