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Specialist Industrial Facilities

We pride ourselves on having a diverse portfolio of clients with a wide range of facilities, and one area which is particularly interesting is the cannery facility we clean for one of the UK’s largest food and drinks brands.

Within this facility, the main canning area has to be hygienically clean at all times, meaning we not only clean the accessible areas, but every other surface including the walls and the structure of the facility.

Much of what we clean is situated above expensive machinery; this means that we must work closely with our client to schedule the cleaning as well as continuously refining the specification to ensure they maintain absolute compliance with the regulations which govern their facility.

The facility contains a lot of highly complex, expensive and dangerous machinery and our staff need to be fully aware of all of the hazards this presents. Health and Safety training, therefore, is crucial, and is delivered in collaboration with the client to ensure that all risks are fully assessed in advance to ensure safe working environments.

Our specialist teams working in these environments are all qualified and certificated to work at heights using mobile platforms.

Our client is also very aware of their environmental impact, and we ensure that we align with this in every aspect of what we do. This manifests itself in our use of cleaning materials, our machinery and its energy rating, the consumables we use and how we stream the waste produced. This is further augmented by our commitment through our Carbon Trust accreditation to ensure we continuously improve and reduce our carbon output.

We would be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have, and if you have a complex facility in this sector, we are confident we can deliver a value added service which meets you needs.


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