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Education facilities are distinctive environments that require their own unique set of janitorial, cleaning and maintenance standards, and thanks to our bespoke systems and processes, we have an excellent reputation in delivering a quality service to these facilities.

We plan our deep cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning and high level cleaning around the curriculum and school terms as we will often need unrestricted access. This requires meticulous organisation and open communication with our clients so we can plan in advance and agree the scheduling of the works.

There are many different kinds of waste produced in education facilities, from paper and plastics to more complex wastes such as food and chemicals, and this means that we often provide a compacting service, a food waste service and a clinical waste service.

We provide a wide range of soft services, including hygiene, matting, carpet cleaning, high level
cleaning, stripping and sealing of flooring, all tailored to our clients’ individual requirements.

We also provide the consumables into these facilities, and thanks to extensive research, we ensure we provide products that are not only robust enough to control the volume used, but also environmentally sensitive to meet our clients’ expectations and to align with our Carbon Trust accreditation.

Whatever your requirements, we are confident that our friendly team will provide your school with
efficient, detailed, and tailored educational cleaning services.


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