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Commercial Offices

At Spectrum, we clean a wide range of commercial office space, from large five star city centre properties to smaller business park offices, and everything in between.

One particular property we look after was recently refurbished to provide some of a capital city’s highest quality lettable space. This 200,000+ sq/ft office, which includes eight levels, a marble entrance foyer with a coffee house, and a health club, has attracted some prestigious tenants who expect a five star service.

One of the most important areas in the property is the entrance foyer, which is extremely important to the landlord and tenants who want to give a professional first impression. We have day cleaners and janitors on site to bring this area back up to the highest possible standard and to ensure it stays clean at all times.

As well as cleaning the interior areas, we also maintain the external roof terraces, which have beautiful views over a capital city and are great spaces to host meetings.

This impressive property represents some of the most common challenges we face in the commercial office property market, and although it represents the top end of our portfolio, the standards, attention to detail and customer service remains consistent for every client.

Due to the exceptional variety and high level of service we have provided within this building, such as cleaning, hygiene services, matting, consumable provision and window cleaning, we have substantially increased our portfilio of clients within this building.

To find out how we can meet your needs and provide a similar service to your company, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)141 887 5000.


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