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Call Centre Facilities

Call centres are one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, and we are pleased to be delivering our services into a number of large facilities.

We provide our service to one such call centre facility which handles over 10 million calls per annum using over 1500 staff. This call centre is within its own campus, which encompasses the main call centre, a training centre, a restaurant and a nursery.

Within this call centre, we provide a number of key services including janitorial services, consumable supply, carpet and kitchen deep cleaning, and computer and telephone cleaning.

These environments are high intensity, high utilisation, dynamic and busy places, and our service needs to complement, not hinder the service our clients deliver.

Although our service needs to fit around this busy environment, we also need to ensure that the standards are maintained in the interim periods, and to do this, we provide day janitorial and cleaning services.

We have a very close working relationship with our client and our staff are integrated into the client team so that our on-site communications are direct and clear, ensuring our client is confident that we are working collaboratively.

We have designed a number of specific processes around the service delivery in call centres and we would be pleased to demonstrate our knowledge and capability to you.


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