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We are extremely privileged to have some of the world’s most famous whisky brands in our client portfolio, whose facilities range from 650 acres to 2500 acres and include distilleries, bottling plants, distribution facilities and visitor centres.

One particular facility in the Scottish Highlands boasts several well-known brands, and it is paramount to the production process that we maintain its areas perfectly to ensure no cross-contamination of the important distilling process.

While production, bottling and distribution are key, the visitor centres and distillery tours are a critical element of our clients brand, so we clean these facilities to a standard that creates an excellent first impression of these high quality products.

In another bottling and distribution facility, we provide cleaning, janitorial and waste management services across the site. This facility is extremely busy with large heavy articulated vehicles and forklifts present, therefore we take great care in giving our staff extensive Health & Safety training, which includes awareness training of these fast moving hazards.

What makes these facilities so unique is their attention to detail; whisky is a critical export product for Scotland and is renowned for its quality, and at Spectrum, we consider ourselves to be part of the quality process that ensures the product maintains these high standards.


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