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We were happy to support The Trussell Club and Renfrewshire Foodbank

It was our pleasure recently to provide a free deep clean at the Renfrewshire Foodbank, which is being supported by our client, Knight Frank.

Unfortunately, food banks are becoming an increasingly necessary but unwanted addition to communities across the UK, so we were happy to assist with the preparation of the food bank at Westway Business Park in Renfrew.

The Renfrew Foodbank is part of a growing network run by The Trussell Trust, which operates the largest network of food banks in the UK, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis. Fourteen million people live below the poverty line, and in the last year, close to 3 million emergency food parcels were distributed to people in crisis.

The ultimate goal of The Trussell Trust is to create a UK without the need for emergency food; we certainly support them on this mission.

Renfrewshire Foodbank offers support to anyone at a time of crisis in Renfrewshire. They offer a 3-day balanced nutritious food parcel to individuals and families who are in need. Their service is deemed to be a short-term service where they would look to support people through their referral networks to get back on their feet and be better able to self-manage their situation. They also have a Financial Inclusion team that can work with people to try to maximise their income and have a Fuel Poverty project to tackle fuel insecurities.

The Renfrewshire Foodbank can always provide whatever support you are able to provide; please visit their website to see the various ways that you can help them.

Visit Renfrewshire Foodbank Website

Renfrewshire Foodbank, E Block Offices, Westway, Porterfield Road, Renfrew, PA4 8DJ


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