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In the face of the pandemic, there can be lots of confusion about what products to use, what are the best and the most trustworthy options.

Our advice? – stick to tried and tested products and the advice of trusted organisations when it comes to looking after yourself, family, staff or colleagues.

Ensuring high standards of cleanliness for our clients is a daily objective for us, as it was prior to the challenges of 2020. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen lots of new products appear on the market which have made claims to protect surfaces for a week to even a year! However, on further investigation, these products may not offer guaranteed protection.

Let us confirm the facts for you…

The World Health Organisation states that alcohol at 70-90% can also be used for surface disinfection. It also notes that a chlorine (bleach) based solution of 0.1% can be used to disinfect surfaces.

The risk of residual infectious virus on surfaces is likely to be significantly reduced after 48 hours If you are using hand-sanitiser ensure the alcohol content is above 70%.

We want to support all our clients and friends during this period and if you have any questions about cleaning products, please do get in touch with us and we would be happy to advise.


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