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Spectrum announces the winners of their Employee of the Year awards

In April, we hosted our Employee of the Year Awards to celebrate and recognise the great people we have at Spectrum and the excellent work they do daily. If you follow our Employee of the Month posts, you’ll know that this year, we’ve had to extend the monthly award to two people simply because of the size of the business now and the number of nominations we get from managers, Area Managers, and clients. So, you can imagine how hotly anticipated our Employees of the Year Awards have become.

All of the finalists gathered in our Head Office in Paisley for some well-earned lunch, followed by the awards. It was great to see these people all come together at the same time in one location; although they operate as one team, we have a desperate workforce that only sometimes gets the opportunity to meet one another.

This year, the competition for each award was a difficult choice because we have so many people who would be worthy winners in each of the categories, but, as with all awards, there has to be a winner! That said, everyone who attended the awards should consider themselves winners. With so many people on the Spectrum team now, being chosen as a finalist is a fantastic achievement.

The Awards Ceremony was conducted by Spectrum’s Operations Director, Rebecca Bell, who thanked everyone in attendance for their hard work, dedication and commitment. She also highlighted how important it is to provide excellent customer service at every level of the business every day. She also noted the frequency with which the management team receives positive feedback from managers, area managers and clients, something they take note of and genuinely appreciate.

The first award to be announced was ‘Cleaning Operative of the Year‘. This award is for employees who have demonstrated passion, care, flexibility, customer service and excellent teamwork. There were three finalists from the hundreds possible, but the winners were:

Gold – Gail Russell, Supervisor, working in Cumbernauld

Silver – Agata Kowalczyk, Knight Frank, Edinburgh

Bronze – Henry McCulloch, Supervisor, working in Kilmarnock

Next up was the award for ‘Supervisor of the Year‘. As you’d expect, with the growth we’ve experienced in the business, the number of Supervisors has increased, so again, this was a hotly contested category with many potential winners. Winners in this category demonstrated excellent communication skills, initiative, focus, drive and leadership. Again, we had to choose a limited number of people from an extensive range of client sites; they were:

  • East Region – Gold – Jane Templeton
  • North Region – Gold – JP McDonald
  • West Region – Gold – Karen Munro


  • East Region – Silver – Maureen Slattie
  • North Region – Silver – Steve Kane
  • West Region – Silver – Isobel Nailen

The next award was our ‘Mobile Operative of the Year‘. For the second year running, the award went to Travis MacLeod. Travis exemplifies exceptional reliability and hard work, making him an invaluable asset to our West Operations team.

His dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as he consistently receives praise and positive feedback from both clients and staff alike.

Travis, we are incredibly fortunate to have you on our team. Thank you for your tireless efforts and commitment to our company’s success.

Another eagerly anticipated award was for ‘Site Manager of the Year‘. With so many clients now, the number of sites is growing enormously every year, and the people we have managing sites are a passionate bunch, so winning in this category is always competitive.

This year, the award went to Ally Love.  Ally has consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience throughout various changes at DSM, showcasing dedication to his role and team.

His exceptional leadership skills have not only guided his team effectively but have also continued to elevate our business’s reputation to the highest calibre. Thank you, Ally, for your outstanding contributions and for embodying our company’s values. We are proud to have you represent us.

Our ‘Event Superstar’ award went to Jim O’Donnell. Jim works at Hampden, but he always volunteers to work with us at our many other events around the UK.  He builds great rapport with the client team and always goes the extra mile. It is for these qualities and his commitment, dedication and overall performance at events that he was named as Event Superstar.

The final award of the day was our ‘Special Recognition Award‘, which we were delighted to present to a genuinely deserving Claire Rankin.

The management team chose Claire in recognition of her extraordinary dedication and resilience. Despite undergoing cancer treatment, Claire has continued to demonstrate exceptional commitment and support to her colleagues. Her strength and positivity have served as an inspiration to us all, keeping morale high and motivation strong.

Thank you, Claire, for your remarkable courage and unwavering dedication. Your resilience and support are commendable, and we are incredibly grateful to have you on our team.

Picture of Rebecca BellSpeaking after the awards, Spectrum’s Operations Director, Rebecca Bell, commented: “This is one of the most challenging tasks of the year when we have to decide the winners at our Employee of the Year awards, and it gets harder every year. We now receive so much positive feedback about our team members doing excellent work that we’ve increased the Employee of the Month award from one to two.

“So, when it comes to the annual awards, the job gets harder every year. It’s a testament to the quality of our team and our clients. We are privileged to work with a first-class portfolio of clients, many of whom are global leaders, and we’re equally fortunate to have people who are dedicated, driven, and passionate in all areas of the business. I think the winners here today are an excellent and typical representation of the team we have working throughout the UK.”

Thank you to everyone at Spectrum for making the annual award judging such a challenging task. We appreciate all that you do daily at your sites and how well you work to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Finally, congratulations to all of this year’s award winners. We greatly appreciate your work.

Below, we have share some pictures from the awards day.


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