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Flexi Clean

We are introducing a unique service offering industry-leading, month to month cleaning contracts allowing you to have the flexibility and ease of a short-term cleaning contract with the professionalism and security of a leading contract cleaner.

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This is why we are introducing short-term, minimum commitment contracts to give you easy additional cleaning support. Our service is available as and when you need it, keeping our premises and teams reassured during Covid-19.

What is FlexiClean?

Flexi-Clean is our new service offering; giving you the flexibility of short term contracts coupled with the benefit of Spectrum’s years of cleaning expertise.

Flexi-Clean is more than just short term labour supply; we provide onsite management support with the option of including cleaning materials and equipment.

I currently use an agency, why would I change?

Spectrum’s flexi-clean solution gives you the flexibility of agency cover, coupled with the knowledge and skills of a professional cleaning company. With this solution, you get the best of both worlds.

What precautionary measures will you put in place?

Our staff will wear Spectrum branded uniform, making them easily identifiable and increasing visibility of cleaning processes. Staff will wear masks whilst working and have undergone training on COVID-19 cleaning protocols.

Why would I need extra staff?

Even if there’s only a few people in and out of your office, there’s still the possibility of contamination.

I already have cleaners, why would I need Flexi-Clean?

If you have cancelled your existing cleaning arrangements, your current supplier can’t support the flexibility you need or just want to supplement what you currently have, Flexi-Clean is for you.

We can provide staff to attend your premises at a frequency you need, whether this is daily or only once per week. This can be for deep cleaning, maintaining the existing standards or to assist with cleaning high-touch points and regularly used areas. We understand that your existing cleaning staff may need to self-isolate at short notice; we aim to bridge that gap and help keep your business clean and sanitised.

I already have a cleaning contractor

Your existing labour supplier may not be able to offer you additional personnel, Flexi-Clean supplements your existing arrangements. We can also help provide cover if staff are self isolating.

What will you use to clean?

We follow the WHO guidelines; a chlorine solution of 0.1%, disinfectant or alcohol solution at 70-90% are effective against COVID-19 and other pathogens.

We can also use the products onsite at your premises.

How are they trained?

Spectrum have comprehensive COVID-19 Cleaning protocols, which staff are trained in prior to deployment. We combine in-house expertise with ROSPA accredited training and our years of cleaning expertise. We also have a number of long term experienced staff who are immediately available.

Who will attend my premises?

We have a number of trained & experienced staff who are immediately available due to the pandemic. Our operations managers will also be on hand to support staff, managing performance to keep your business safe.

How long is the contract?

The benefit of Flexi-Clean is that the term is in your hands. Whether it’s a few hours for 1 day, part time for 2 weeks or full time for a few months; our Flexi-Clean service can help. We understand that with changing Tier systems & guidelines, your needs are constantly changing. Flexi-Clean is a solution designed to put your needs first.

Please contact to find out how we can work together on a flexi-clean contract.

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