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We appreciate the need for clean and fresh facilities to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

Partnering Private Education

We are privileged to have some of Scotland’s most renowned educational establishments in our portfolio. Their facilities include auditoriums, gymnasiums, assembly halls, nurseries, playing fields, accommodation and catering areas.

We pursue excellence

We place excellence at the heart of our services, ensuring you can focus on creating a vibrant learning environment for your students.
Spectrum’s personnel go through stringent vetting procedures and are PVG approved, safeguarding the welfare of your pupils whilst striving for service excellence.

Term Time Cleaning

We understand that classrooms, catering areas, changing rooms, etc. are extremely high traffic areas.

Service Solution

Spectrum provide tailored education cleaning & support services, allowing your pupils and staff to focus on excellent education.
Our responsibility is to make sure all areas are immaculately clean, ready for staff and pupils each day. We assess each facility individually and devise a unique cleaning schedule to ensure every area receives an exceptionally high standard of cleaning.

Sports Halls

We appreciate the particular challenges
faced in sports halls.

High level dusting, removal of trapped sports equipment and specialist floor cleaning are all part of our routine.

Service Solution

We provide custom cleaning programmes designed to meet the needs of each individual sports hall.
We deploy trained and competent staff, who carry out high level cleaning and other maintenance duties such as lamp replacement.
The majority of sports hall flooring has special characteristics and specific cleaning requirements. We have extensive experience in successfully cleaning all types of floor surfaces.

Non-term Time Cleaning

Proactive planning provides specialist deep
cleaning programmes during non-term times.

We forward plan with our clients to ensure a fully flexible service to provide essential maintenance in non-term time. This ensures the facilities are in pristine condition for pupils and teachers returning for the new term.

Service Solution

We provide fully managed cleaning and associated services to our school contracts. During the term, we plan non-term time deep cleaning programmes.
We provide an extensive deep cleaning service including carpet and upholstery cleaning, locker sanitisation, floor scrubbing and high level cleaning.

External Buildings and Ground Maintenance

Creating the right first impression

The grounds and exterior of the buildings are the first encounter with the establishment, so it is important to leave staff, students and other stakeholders with a good first impression.
We provide services to maintain excellent visual standards.

Service Solution

Pressure washing of cladding and deep cleaning of external fascias, removal of moss together with the cleaning of guttering and downpipes is provided annually, or sooner if required.
Provision of on-site grounds personnel to maintain the surrounding gardens, grass, road surfaces and walkways on a regular basis. This includes the removal of debris, weeds and moss together with pressure washing pathways, car parks and play areas.

Janitorial Services

Securing your assets

The buildings, grounds and equipment are very important assets for any educational establishment; it is essential that the fabric is regularly inspected and the facilities are fully operational and managed in a professional manner.
We care about your assets.

Service Solution

Provision of full-time, part-time or relief janitorial services ensuring the buildings, grounds and equipment are regularly inspected and kept functional at all times.
Our janitorial services also include regular testing of fire and burglar alarm systems, building and equipment inspections, damage/breakdown reports, repair and maintenance scheduling, lock-up and opening-up services, and maintaining provision of essential supplies.

Flexibility & Reactive Cleaning

Meeting individual requirements

Our clients offer a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities; from theatrical shows to sporting events, we appreciate the need to work around the hours when facilities are in use.

Service Solution

We provide a flexible service via open communication with our clients to plan for all additional cleaning requirements, or irregular hours.
Whether there is a body fluid spill, flood, or other emergency cleaning requirement, we deploy a team of highly trained cleaning operatives to react quickly to our client’s requirements.
Our management team understand the demands and challenges in an educational environment.

Hygiene and Waste Management

Minimising risks

It is essential to minimise the risk of infection and cross contamination, therefore hygiene in toilets, washrooms and changing areas is paramount.

Service Solution

Our contract cleaning services are aligned with industry best practice, ensuring all operations are strictly monitored and controlled. We deploy intensive cleaning processes to clean and disinfect facilities, ensuring sta and pupils enjoy a clean, fresh and safe environment.
Our chemicals are environmentally friendly, with a low PH making them suitable for those with allergies.
We also provide a comprehensive waste management service ensuring the safe and responsible disposal of waste.

Pursue Excellence

All staff are trained to BICSc standards, with a focus to deliver exceptional service and outstanding customer care.
We have developed a customised auditing system, ensuring the highest levels of quality in your facilities.

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