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Business ParksBusiness Parks and Industrial Estates

Working in harmony with business park management teams and tenants to provide excellent working environments

We understand the special and varied requirements of business parks and the need to maintain multiple external and internal spaces so that they provide the best possible user and visitor experience.

We appreciate the need for clean and fresh facilities to create excellent working environments.

We pursue excellence

Proactive management, excellent communication and innovative cleaning techniques ensures properties are cleaned to the best possible standard.

We are committed to delivering services which sustain the value of all buildings and maintain high levels of tenant satisfaction.

Cleaning Services

Business parks and industrial estates bring together businesses of all shapes and sizes from all industry sectors.

Service Solution

We tailor cleaning services around the client’s operations by implementing structured and proven cleaning processes.
Our experience includes sites with over 2 million sq ft of office and industrial accommodation, housing over 500 businesses and over 8,000 employees engaged in manufacturing, distribution, technology and the service sectors.
We clean tenanted properties, communal spaces and external areas. Working flexibly with our clients, we provide a cleaning schedule that meets their needs; showcasing their business park as a desirable location for tenants.
We also provide periodic and emergency cleaning services to make your premises are always presented at their best.


We understand the need for flexibility; roles can sometimes include gardening, light maintenance, janitorial works as well as cleaning.

Service Solution

Through our experience in business parks, we know multi-skilled personnel are required.
We work with our clients to understand their challenges, tailoring our specification of works and roles to site specific requirements.
We work in partnership to identify our client’s challenges, and provide workable, efficient and effective solutions.

Reactive Cleaning

Business Parks & Industrial Estates often require reactive cleaning; whether this is due to fly tipping, graffiti or flood damage, we will respond quickly to emergency requests, minimizing any downtime for our clients.

Service Solution

Should there be a non-scheduled cleaning requirement, we have response teams to deal with the problem.
Traditional reactive requirements include; • Body Fluid Cleaning
• Fly Tipping Removal
• Site Clearance
• Emergency Response Cleans • Disaster Recovery Cleaning
• Needle Removal

Standards & Expectations

We understand that, as there are multiple stakeholders on sites and attention to detail is critical.

Service Solution

Spectrum implement site specific cleaning schedules to ensure tasks are understood by cleaning staff.
We understand the challenges faced in maintaining large geographical areas, such as business parks, or multi-tenanted office areas. We train our staff to understand ‘what clean looks like’ in each location and how to achieve this.
We put in place easily understood detail rota’s, showing when tasks are to be completed. This gives increased auditability, whilst also increasing accountability within the cleaning teams.
We use electronic auditing systems, regularly reviewing our service delivery to ensure excellent services at all times.


We use innovative software to tailor our solutions, assuring attendance, value for money and continuity of service.

Service Solution

We use our bespoke time and attendance software to monitor staff attendance.

Our electronic auditing solution provides measurable service performance, trend analysis and reporting.

Our customized employee portals give staff the opportunity select specific overtime shifts, at their choice of location.

Coupled with our time and attendance management software, we have a robust support network to ensure our contracts are fully supported at all times.

Communication & Support

We know that regular site visits, regular communication and proactive management is critical.

We understand that essential maintenance, refurbishments, tenant changes, etc can require a flexible approach to your services. We work proactively with our clients to forward plan service requirements.

Service Solution

All contracts are overseen by a Regional Operations Manager and regularly meet with clients to plan cleaning requirements.

We share our audits with our clients, ensuring we are managing our service delivery and our staff effectively.

Since our inception, our culture has been centred on delivering our promises and exceeding expectations.

Quality Staff

High calibre, reliable & trustworthy staff are integral to a successful cleaning contract

Service Solution

Spectrum use a paid recruitment service which significantly improves the number of applications received, quality of candidates and vacancy turnaround times.

We invest in our recruitment process to ensure our clients receive the best quality of cleaning staff. All staff undergo stringent screening and vetting, ensuring we only deploy trustworthy personnel.

We provide our people with the tools and skills they need to perform their job; investing in their training and development to give our clients a fully flexible workforce.


We understand businesses create a variety of waste streams, including food waste, general waste, glass & dry mixed recyclables.

We understand you need end-to-end waste management.

Service Solution

We utilise our extensive knowledge and experience to implement tailored waste management plans.
Proper assessment of potential waste streams and introduction of innovative techniques, training and guidance will ensure your sustainability targets are being met.
We provide training and information, ensuring your staff are aware of the latest legislation and guidance.
Our waste strategies are designed with the goal of “Zero Waste to Landfill”.

Facilities Services

We give our clients a ‘hassle free’ service by providing a fully managed service solution.

We understand that our clients require a single point of contact, minimal disruption and reduced costs through a single invoice solution.

Service Solution

Our approach to a fully managed service ensures that our clients receive cost savings through our industry buying power.
We operate with a tried and tested supply chain that has been meticulously selected to mirror Spectrum’s ethos of exceptional service and value.
We work in partnership with our supply chain, providing regular feedback to ensure the continual improvement and evolution of our services.


We know that VIP’s can drop in with a minute’s notice.

Service Solution

We deploy our highly trained mobile cleaning team to meet even the tightest of deadlines. Our team have excellent attention to detail, meaning that our cleaning is right first time, every time.
We deliver scheduled services, such as carpet & upholstery cleans, high level cleaning and window cleaning to enhance the look and feel of your premises.
Whether there is a body fluid spill, flood or emergency cleaning requirement, we deploy a team of highly trained cleaning operatives to react to your requirements.
Our specialist cleaning division undertakes high level cleaning, carpet cleaning, void property clearance, etc.

Pursue Excellence

We understand the challenges faced by business park managers, particularly in respect of service charges, therefore we strive to deliver value for money by adopting highly efficient processes and delivering comprehensive reports via our bespoke auditing system.

All Spectrum staff are trained to BICSc standards, with a focus on delivering exceptional services and outstanding customer care.

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