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Litter – There’s No Excuse

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Spectrum Service Solutions blog you will have noticed that we’ve been looking at Zero Waste Scotland and what this means for business owners.

We are now taking a look at the issue of litter in Scotland and how this effects not only businesses but each and every one of us.

Working in the cleaning industry we see and clean up a lot of litter. In Scotland, litter is an issue which imposes significant financial costs on national and local government, businesses, and other organisations, many of which are ultimately borne by the public, either as taxpayers or customers.

The Scottish government estimates that, on average, four plastic bottles and three drinks cans can be found in every 100m of Scotland’s motorways and trunk roads.

It’s not only illegal to litter but it’s also extremely irresponsible and because there is significant potential to recycle these materials, at Spectrum Service Solutions we want to help you tackle the problem.

Zero Waste Scotland are giving you the chance to take part in a survey to have your say on litter in Scotland. You can take part in the survey by clicking HERE.

How can Spectrum help you get Zero Waste ready?

At Spectrum, our experienced team can carry out a free survey and consultation, advise you on the best way forward to help you meet the regulations in time, and assist you in becoming ever more compliant, profitable and sustainable in the future.

For a free survey and consultation, or to find out more about the new Zero Waste Regulations, call 0141 887 5000 or email us at:

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