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Facilities Management: a career with opportunities and choices for all

Skills shortage seems to be the topic of the day, with many companies across various sectors experiencing challenges in filling positions.

However, we are not sitting back waiting for the circumstances to change; at Spectrum, we are taking a proactive approach to encourage good quality people to consider a career in Facilities Management. Why? It’s simple, really; we believe it is a rewarding career path that offers variety and good prospects. There are many facets to Facilities Management; operations, management, planning, customer relations, sales and business development are all roles within Facilities Management that are in demand. And whether you are skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, there are many opportunities to enter the world of Facilities Management.

We are working in partnership with employability agencies dedicated to getting people back into work. Indeed, we’ve been engaging positively with Kickstart in Scotland, and we look forward to working with people like Jo Robertson at SAMH, a specialist in Individual Placement and Support (IPS). These agencies are essential in connecting young people with employers to get them on good career paths.

Recently, we attended Glasgow’s Career Fair, and we will continue to support these regional events in the future. Contract Manager’s Kristina & Helen were on-hand to offer potential candidates insight into our industry, what we look for in our people, how to give the ‘wow factor’ at an interview and stand out from the crowd.

We spent the day meeting a vast range of people, including job-seekers, new entrants into the employment market from school & colleges, Retired people finding it wasn’t for them and wanted a job to help them get back to a routine.

We also had the opportunity to meet people looking for a career change and introduced them to the world of Facilities Management. All-in-all, we were impressed with the number and quality of the people we met. Talking after the event, Spectrum’s HR Administrator, Ryan Sutherland, said: “A common theme with everyone I spoke to was the impact that COVID’s had on their lives; lack of permanent jobs and security. It’s gratifying to help people through opportunities and discuss the range of benefits we offer, like Wellbeing days and holiday bonuses.”

Undoubtedly, Facilities Management offers a wide and varied career path. Still, the ongoing training and personal development programmes we provide at Spectrum help every staff member achieve their ambitions and fully realise their potential.

If you are interested in finding out more about working in Facilities Management, or you would like to discuss specific opportunities at Spectrum, please email Ryan Sutherland at; he will be happy to have a chat and talk you through your options.


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