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Employees of the Month – March 2024 – Tiffany Vickers and Velma Rodgers

We’re covering a great deal of the UK to bring you the winners of our Employee of the Month for March. First, we have Tiffany Vickers, who works at CBRE Emerson in Leicester, and then Velma Rodgers, who works at Rockstar in Edinburgh. We are sure you will agree they are both worthy winners of our March award.

Tiffany Vickers transferred to Spectrum on 1st April 2023 at CBRE Emerson – Leicester, having originally started on the site on 31st May 2021. Tiffany is a double nominee, having been proposed by Olivia Mitchell, our client, and Lynne Graham, her manager.

Judging from the client’s comments, Tiffany has worked exceptionally hard to assist them with a particular project. Commenting on Tiffany and why she nominated her, Lynne Graham said, “We are incredibly grateful to Tiffany for the excellent work she has done over the last few weeks to help with the Fosse House opening where she has gone above and beyond. 

“This thank you is also echoed by the client, who remarked that they are impressed with Tiffany’s attitude and application to everything that is asked of her.”

Much further North, there was equally high praise for Velma Rodgers. Velma started work at a renowned game developers’ office in November 2021. Gemma Pollock has been filling in for her colleague Kevin Barker, Velma’s manager. Gemma was suitably impressed enough to nominate her for one of our March awards.

Commenting on Velma and why she thought she should be a winner, Gemma said: “Velma has supported me in looking after Rockstar in Kevin’s absence; she is a true asset to the team and is very knowledgeable. The clients also really appreciate everything Velma does. Her hard work has recently been rewarded with a promotion to Team Leader, but she is also deserving of our Employee of the Month Award.”

Picture of Rebecca BellRebecca Bell, Operations Director, commented “Once again, it’s been a tough month to choose our winners; so many people are doing extraordinary things for our clients daily. We appreciate all of the hard work done by all of our people.”

Well done to Tiffany and Velma for being named March winners. We are truly grateful for your commitment and dedication, as are your respective clients.


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