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Made to measure for Schuh

Posted on January 25th, 2017 in Blog, Contracts, General, Recycling, Services, Testimonial
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We are delighted to introduce our latest client interview video, this time with Nicky McLellan, Facilities Coordinator for Schuh at their Distribution Centre in Bathgate and their Head Office building in Livingstone.

Spectrum is delighted to work at both locations and we were pleased that Nicky was able to take time to chat about the range of services we provide at each of the location.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Schuh is a German retail brand, in fact the name was inspired by the German fashion footwear magazine, Schuhe. However, Schuh began with one store in Edinburgh back in 1981 and has grown to be one of the biggest high street retailers in the UK and Ireland.  Fittingly, their first retail venture in Europe was in Oberhausen, Germany where they opened a store in 2015.

Throughout the noughties, Schuh’s online presence grew to meet the demand of consumers who were increasingly willing to buy footwear online.  The innovative retailer has carried on its tradition of challenging conventional retailing with its ecommerce offering with the introduction of initiatives like 365 day customer service.

The fantastic expansion of the retail outlets and the growth of the online store created the obvious need for high quality head office accommodation and a highly efficient distribution centre, both are now firmly established in central Scotland.

Spectrum is delighted to provide a full range of services to both centres.  These services include; routine daily cleaning of offices, toilets, shower rooms, locker rooms, Board and meeting rooms, stairways, receptions, restaurants, break out areas and kitchens.  These daily services also include a full waste management service at both sites.

In addition to this we provide, IT equipment deep cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning of flooring in the retail outlet, and deep cleaning and sanitation of work stations.  All in all, it is a comprehensive range of services specially tailored to suit the Schuh operation and ensure the head office and distribution centre are always clean and ready for their busy workforce 24 hours a day.

To compliment the cleaning services, we also supply a wide variety of products and consumables for their washrooms, hand sanitisers and feminine hygiene toilet vending machines.  In addition to this, we provide barrier matting, logo mats and even temporary barrier matting for inclement weather.

We are grateful to Nicky for taking the time to talk about the Spectrum service and a little about why he chose to work with Spectrum.  We hope you find the video useful, and if you have any questions about the services we provide in Livingston and Bathgate, please email us at or call us on 0141 887 5000, we will be delighted to assist in any way we can.

The Ryder Cup, Shopping Mall or Call Centre…what’s the difference?

Posted on December 3rd, 2014 in Awards, Blog, Recycling, Services, Testimonial
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If you’ve been following our blog or social media channels this year you will have seen a great deal about the enormous projects we’ve been privileged to be involved with.  It’s been a fantastic year for Scotland, and for Spectrum; we’ve been the official cleaning and waste management contractor at two of the biggest sporting events in the world – and they took place within weeks of each other!

You can image the challenges of managing large levels of staff for such events, but we rose to the challenge and we’re looking forward to more of the same in 2015.

It’s not only major events that pose specific challenges; some of our other contracts require special solutions. For example, public buildings such as visitor and shopping centres can’t simply rely on ‘the cleaners’ arriving at close of play, public buildings need to be clean all the time.  Consumers are more and more difficult to attract and they are influenced by what they see; a dirty or untidy retail space is not conducive to attracting footfall.

William Grant

Neither do the consumers wish to see cleaning staff more than they need to; they expect it to be ‘magically’ clean and ready for them to explore.  That’s where clever cleaning schedules come into play, helping to keep all public areas clean – all day.

Similar issues exist in office environments.  Take Call Centre operations; they work 24 hours a day, so there is no end to the working day when traditionally ‘the cleaner’ comes in.  However, every shift expects a clean and tidy working environment – and so they should.  In such cases, our cleaning schedules are clearly defined by the rotation of the staff our clients employ.  So, no matter what shift they work, they enjoy the same clean environment.

So you see, the traditional cleaner is a thing of the past, staff now have to be trained to work when they are needed, and they need to work around the people they serve.  Moreover, the waste that is generated must be properly handled and disposed of in the correct manner.

Spectrum has achieved a great deal this year, and we’ve proved that each and every job has it’s own special demands  In a strange way, that’s one of the things that makes our job so interesting – so, Ryder Cup, Shopping Mall or Call Centre…what’s the difference?  Actually, there is no difference, each requires the same scheduling and planning!

This month Spectrum Service Solutions won the ROCCO Customer Service Award for 2014 – quite a feat when you consider how many customers we actually served!

Ryder Cup



Spectrum Helping You Avoid Those D’oh Situations

Posted on February 14th, 2014 in General, Recycling, Zero Waste Scotland

We’re midway through February, 44 days through the new year to be precise, but what’s more important is that we’re 44 days into the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

Regular readers of our blog will be aware that as of the 1st of January 2014 new regulations on how businesses dispose of waste was introduced.

As we’ve intimated on countless occasions, these new regulations WILL benefit your business in the long run, helping it become more profitable and also helping to gain a competitive advantage.

The flip side is that for those who don’t adhere to these regulations there’s the very real possibility of severe fines.

So what do these new regulations entail then?

When in the workplace, all rubbish must be separated to ensure the optimum amount of recycling can be achieved. To help achieve this your business must present metal, plastic, glass, paper, and card separately.

And for those of you running food businesses with over 50 kg of waste per week must present it for separate collection. In addition, since the turn of the year it’s been illegal to dispose of food into the public sewer. However businesses located in rural areas are exempt from the requirement for food regulations.

Food waste is actually a topic which was widely covered in the news this week. A well-known pizza restaurant was at the centre of what was a rather amusing news story albeit a potentially costly one.

Staff at this restaurant, allegedly disposed of a large quantity of raw pizza dough in their food recycling bin which in turn made a mess of not only the bin but the street too.

First-off it’s great to see businesses disposing of their food waste separately from their other waste, however it’s important that when we dispose of our waste (and not just food waste) that we do so in a safe manner.

Yes this looks pretty funny but it could have caused injury to a pedestrian.

In the run-up to the new Waste (Scotland) regulations we offered a free consultation where we explained the new regulations at length as well as ways of adhering to them safely and efficiently in the hope that instances such as this one in Edinburgh don’t happen.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure their waste is disposed of hygienically, safely, and legally to safeguard their business and help them become more profitable.

To learn how Spectrum Service Solutions can help and advise your business on waste disposal and increase its profits please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us through our website, via email, or by calling us on: 0141 887 5000. In addition you can direct any enquiries you may have to us via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Image courtesy of @ailsabm (Twitter).

Not Such A Rubbish Secret

Posted on January 28th, 2014 in Recycling, Zero Waste Scotland

We’re now nearly a month into the new year which means we’re nearly a month into the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

For some reason the new regulations haven’t seemed to gain much in the way of press, not even during the countdown to January 1st. It’s all been a bit of a secret.

Although all our clients were informed of the changes to legislation well in advance, due to the lack of media coverage there may be many businesses who’ve slipped through the net.

For those who are unfamiliar with Zero Waste Scotland, it is an organisation which helps individuals, businesses, and communities to reduce waste, recycle more and use resources sustainably.

The thought of having to separate waste just for recycling may seem like a hardship and a waste of time for some people, but they’d be wrong.

On the whole, many of us are already recycling domestically, separating our plastic from aluminium, and our glass from food, it’s an initiative many local authorities have been running for some time now.

All we need to do is translate this mindset to our working environment, and if we don’t there are penalties that’ve been put in place.

A failure to comply with these regulations will lead to the very real possibility of a fine.

But this needn’t be a situation where those responsible toe the line just to avoid being fined, this is something business leaders should want to do.

Yes, in the short-term there could be added costs and slight inconveniences as we all get to grips with the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations, but long-term there are actually benefits to be had from them. With help from Zero Waste Scotland not only could you gain a competitive advantage, but you could also benefit financially, a point we’ve touched on in a previous blog post.

So why aren’t we hearing about the new regulations in the media?

We believe more needs to be done to inform and educate businesses in Scotland on ways in which they can not only help our environment, but increase profits while doing it.

To learn more about Zero Waste Scotland and how it affects you, you can visit our website, send us an email, or call us on: 0141 887 5000.

You can also contact us and keep up-to-date with what we’re doing through our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.