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Since 2007, we have been cleaning bus shelters for local authority clients, covering areas of over 490 square miles. The shelters are steam cleaned from our mobile cleaning vehicles on a two week cycle, which includes power washing the entire shelter outside and in, and removing any graffiti, as well as reporting any damage to our client so they can have it repaired promptly.

Removing graffiti requires us to use some specialist cleaning materials, and we are very conscious that these materials need to be environmentally sound and safe in this public space.

We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint in line with our Carbon Trust accreditation, therefore extensive planning needs to take place to ensure we take the shortest possible route to complete our schedule.

In poor weather conditions, we also remove snow and grit from the areas in and around the bus shelters, and if there are particularly adverse weather conditions, our mobile vehicles make cyclical rounds and continuously clear the shelters to ensure they are safe.

If you want to find out more about the systems and processes we have developed in this area, please feel free to get in touch.