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Probably the most important single business action we undertake is training. Our business is entirely reliant on people, our staff are directly employed by us and we train them in-house. We have found that this is the most effective way of ensuring that every one of our staff are trained not just in how to execute their role and the Health & Safety implications of it, but that they know and understand the Spectrum ethos, and most importantly, they deliver it to our clients. You can read about our ethos in the ‘Our Approach’ section of this website.

In order to maintain the highest standards of training, we have become a BICSc Multi Site Assessment Centre, which means that we are accredited to personally deliver BICSc approved training courses. BICSc are recognised as the industry’s leading provider in educational standards and qualifications within the cleaning industry, they are recognised by industry as the standard for cleaning excellence.

The accreditation delivers:

  • Validation of Training by BICSc
  • Work based and site based assessments
  • Recognised Industry standard
  • Flexibility to be able to train staff in Skills required for our business in planned programmes
  • Maintains standards via Annual Audit of Assessors and Centre for compliance with the standards
  • Certificate our own employees
  • Deliver training via members of our own team, who are BICSc Licensed assessors
  • Support from the BICSc Verification Team

We also deliver a programme of in-house Customer Service focussed training which we have given the title of “Be the Best”. This programme is designed to personally instil the responsibility of giving our customers the best possible customer service experience.

We describe our business as a customer service business which just happens to deliver cleaning and waste management
The programme of training we deliver has a number of key elements:

  • Make customer service our main purpose
  • Embed it into our business at every level
  • Design our customers experiences as if they were our own
  • Take ownership of problems until they are resolved
  • Learn from our experiences
  • Accurately measure customer satisfaction
  • Make adjustments based on our score

This has been very successful for us and we know this because our clients tell us so:

“Sara , I have spoken to your Site Manager and thanked him for the service provided by Spectrum and have asked him to pass that message on to all persons involved. The level of effort and commitment to the task as well as the completion of all due diligence documentation done by the guys was excellent.” JC – Operate Plant Chemist

The foundation of our programme is our continuous measurement and improvement. We measure customer satisfaction at three levels and on differing frequencies to build a more accurate picture of our service delivery.

Director Level – measured twice a year
Site Level – measured monthly

We are pleased to report that our Customer Satisfaction levels are currently running at ‘Excellent’